The Symbolism and Meaning of the Purple Rose

Purple rose meanings – Receiving, or choosing to gift flowers to someone has been a way of showing feeling and emotion for centuries. Infact, there is evidence that the ancient Egytians, Greeks and Romans gifted flowers to each other. Sending flowers can be a special and thoughtful way of expressing love, gratitude, sorrow or even just to let someone know they are in your thoughts.

Did you know that what particular colour and style of flower you choose to send actually has meaning and can symbolise different things? Well, they most certainly do!

Here we will discover the origin and various meanings behind Purple Roses.

Are Purple Roses Natural?

Purple roses were the product of cross-breeding European roses with varieties introduced from China. To obtain a purple rose, different naturally occurring rose species had to be crossbred. Some varieties of “hybrid tea” roses can be grown with light-purple hues. For example Cardinal Hume roses provide deeper purple tones than hybrid teas, but they are more difficult to grow. However, you can make a rose look purple by placing white rose cuttings in a mixture of water and purple food coloring. Within a day or two, the rose petals will become purplish.

The meaning of Purple Roses

Purple roses are unusual, striking and extraordinarily beautiful. But, what exactly do they symbolise? Let’s find out the meaning of purple roses.

Purple Roses are available in all varieties of stunning shades including lilac, lavender, magenta, violet and plum and each hue or shade symbolises something different.

Meaning and Significance of Different Purple Rose Color Shades

As a color it often stands for love, royalty and mysticism too.

Usually when a person gifts a bunch or bouquet of purple roses, it symbolizes elegance, style and also love.

Light Purple Rose Flowers Meaning

If a light purple shade of rose is sent,  it is said to mean that the sender has fallen in love with the recipient at first sight. This pale and delicate shade indicates a pure and intenses immediate love.

Receiving more of a lavender shade of rose can mean a more mystical type of love and enchantment. Think a fairy tale kind of affair.

Incidentally, lavender color roses without any thorns on the stems are said to be a particualry strong symbolisation of love at first sight.

Dark Purple Rose Flowers Meaning

Darker shades of purple rose symbolise a deep and profound romance. A love that will last an eternity. A rich, deep purple stands for an ever-lasting and unconditional love.

Dark purple rose flowers are the ideal representation of long-term relationships. Relationships, unions nad marriages that have survived the trials and tribulations of life, and have still withstood the test of time. That are stronger then ever. Dark Purple roses are therefore the perfect gift  for wedding anniversaries for long-term couples.

It is said that when a couple pass their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, they give each other a purple rose to mark this eternal and lasting love.

The Meaning of Pink and Purple Roses Together

When you combine pink and purple roses together, you get a symbol of love and affection. The cheerful shades of thenpink roses make this combination a great choice for romantic partners, as well as platonic relationships.

The Meaning of White and Purple Roses Together

When you combine the colors white and purple in a floral arrangement, you are making a bold statement in your relationship. You’re saying that your love is pure and you’re into this person completely. White and purple roses would be perfect in a romantic setting, especially in anmarriage. You should refrain from gifting white roses to a casual partner even when they are partnered with purple ones as white, being a wedding rose, has implications for a serious romantic connection.


How Many of these Purple Rose Flowers Should You Gift?

The number of purple roses you gift is also significant.

Single Purple Rose Flowers

A single purple rose is simply describing the beauty you see in a person. Gifting a single purple rose is a thoughtful and effective way to let them know that you see a true beauty within them.

Incidentally, if the single purple rose is in full bloom and not in bud it also lets the recipient now that you are in love with them.

The Meaning of Two Purple Roses

The meaning of two purple roses intertwined signifies a union, a coming together, specifically an engagement. So be a little careful if you are sending two purple roses and not signifiying some form of impending engagement news!

When Should You Gift a Whole Bouquet of Purple Roses?

This is a  really special way to let someone know that you are incredibly  grateful to have them in your life, and that you are deeply in love with them. A bouquet of purple roses symbolises a strong bond that knows no bounds. A bouquet of dark purple roses is traditional if you and your partner are celebrating a 25 year anniversary.

What Do Purple Roses Mean On Valentine’s Day

Purple roses on Valentine’s Day convey the message of “love at first sight.”

It will let that special person know that you’ve had your heart set on them from the moment you two met. Choosing ot send purple roses on Valentine’s Day would be the best way to take the relationship to the next level. That said, even if you have been in a committed relationship for years, purple roses are still a thoughtful and beloved gift to your partner.

Are Purple Roses Appropriate For A Funeral?

Yes, purple roses are approprite at a funeral. They are a particualry thoughtful gesture at the funeral of someone whom you had great admiration for. This can be a family member, a mentor, or someone you have always looked up to.

The Meaning of Purple Roses

So, if you are lucky enough to be in receipt of these stunning flowers you will now the meaning behind the sending of purple roses. Enjoy understanding their intention….assuming the sender understood that too, there will be no room for confusion!

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