6 Places for the Best Florist in Columbus, Ohio for Flowers

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Are you looking for where to buy flowers and find a florist in Columbus, Ohio?

Behind a flower’s beauty, there’s a world of sentiments, meanings and emotions that we want to share with the people we care for.  Worldwide, the meaning of flower gifting remains the same. With the ever growing demand, florists have mastered their craft.

Florists in Columbus lead the way and take the flower arrangements to the next level.


best florist flower shop


Market Blooms

59 Spruce St, Columbus, OH 43215

Blooming since the 1990’s Market Blooms is a popular florist in North Market. They have a good selection of flowers at reasonable prices.

If they don’t have the particular flower variety you are looking for, you can place an order. They accept bulk orders.

Martha McGreevy has been successful in making Market Blooms, a local landmark. Their gift section stocks greeting cards, fun stickers etc., which you might like to pick.


April’s Flowers and Gifts

1195 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43212

One of the best shops in Columbus April Flowers and Gifts has all your floral and accessories needs covered.

April Bates Volpe is a pro at crafting flower arrangements according to your specs within minutes. You can choose your own flowers from the cooler. Their attractive dish gardens make for good gifts, be it for friends or family.

Classic fruit basket Other gift items include mugs, lotions, soft toys, candles, unique pins etc. They support cat charities and have a lot of cat themed gift items.


Green, A Floral Design Studio

1397 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212

A local florist Green, A Floral Design Studio has never disappointed anyone. A neighbourhood favorite, their statement pieces are unique.

The bouquets are affordable and usually made with assorted vibrant flowers. John Green is an extremely sweet person and has an eye for flower arrangement and never fails to lend a personal touch to each flower arrangement.

He can execute your vision, lending a few tips. Their customer service is one of the best.


The Paper Daisy Flower Boutique

Specializing in wedding arrangements and services, The Paper Daisy Flower Boutique is your go to florists if you wish to organize a hassle free wedding. Kim Meacham, understands that each person has a different vision and wants their wedding to stand out among the rest.

Working around a person’s budget is her USP.

Being a veteran in this line, she never fails to suggest some wonderful ideas. Her portfolio is a testimony to her creativity and professionalism.


Orchard Lane Flowers

3378 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214

One of the coolest florists in town, Orchard Lane Flowers is different. You can shop from their retail store or check out Rosie, the flower truck which can be spotted in different lanes of Columbus.

Rosie keeps shifting locations and follows a weekly schedule, which is listed on their official website. They also have a cooler clean out and you can pick up some beautiful flowers at great prices. Kasey Conyers, the owner, has a neat work experience with a wedding design agency.

Book an appointment with her if you are looking for a wedding designer. They also sell many other things like keychains, greeting cards, jewelry etc.



Rose and Berry Floral

215 King Ave, Columbus, OH 43201

Passion for flowers led Bekah and Tiffany Bekah to open Rose and Berry Floral.

They vouch that their flower varieties in itself are different from the rest. They wish to sell an experience.

Extremely responsive and always lending good tips to its customers, the happy customers list is getting longer. Always a good option as your wedding vendor.








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